Episode #6×03: Side Hustle Success Tips, Micah Chairs, Wearing Dirty Clothes

It’s about to be a long week with the Senate’s impeachment trial, but #Millennial is here to give you a reprieve from politics-heavy news!

  • Micah joins us after a long hiatus (3 years, nbd) from the show. He brings his sick burns and a strong desire to let the world know how he feels about Trump.
  • In an exciting twist, Micah reviews the various Micah Chairs that’ve been posted to the Facebook Group over the past few years. Don’t worry: We explain what the hell a Micah Chair is. (See them on our Instagram)
  • After last week’s sustainability discussion, we check in: how are we doing, and what non-earth friendly products have we ditched? (Here are the towels Andrew ordered.)
  • According to Experian, 50% of millennials have a side hustle. We share our experience of getting involved in a passion project that later became a side hustle.
  • Some quick tips for side hustlers: take advantage of Upwork and TaskRabbit, beware of taxes, and consider how your side hustle can add to your resume.
  • There’s no common thread in this week’s recommendations: HBO’s “The Outsider” (Laura), ice balls (Andrew), Netflix’s “The Circle” (Pam), reversible gym shorts (Micah).
  • This week’s show is sponsored by Fi (https://www.tryfi.com and enter promo code mill for $50 off) and LoveBook (https://www.lovebookonline.com/mill to receive a 20% discount on a Love Book). Support #Millennial by supporting our sponsors!

And in this week’s installment of After Dark, available exclusively on Patreon:

  • Pea(cock) block? NBC joins the streaming fray with the promise of… early, late-night television? Wat?
  • HBO Max will also be here before too long, prompting the question… are we at our streaming limit yet?
  • Andrew shares his most recent edible experience, and Laura commiserates by sharing an old stoner horror story of her own.
  • Pam got propositioned while walking down the street. We’re not kidding.

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