Episode #5×47: Best Mistakes and Shows of the Decade, Word of the Year, Pop Culture Preview

It’s the #Millennial Season 5 FINALE holiday special! Grab a drink and get cozy with us.

  • A couple of important reminders: The Affordable Care Act (ACA) deadline has been extended to December 18th. Go get that healthcare! Also, the House will be voting on articles of impeachment that same day, so stay tuned for some BREAKING NEWS over at Patreon!
  • Merriam Webster and Dictionary.com share their words of the year, which have us feeling a mix of inclusivity but also existential dread (isn’t that the millennial experience?). Plus, listeners chime in with their own Words of the Year and introduce us to some new ones.
  • This year’s Secret Santa gift exchange is a big one! The hosts are joined by Jule, Marc, and Pat to mix things up, and boy do things get mixed up during this guessing game!
  • Some of us have really bad poker faces during Secret Santa, but that could also just be the wine talking.
  • In our “Best TV Show” and “Best Fuck Up” of the decade categories, we recognize a number of winners and honorable mentions. Does Game of Thrones count as a show and a fuck up?
  • Somewhere in the course of the conversation, the hosts identify a gap in the dildo market.
  • Pam gives us her much-awaited best albums of the decade list, and it is really all you need this holiday season.
  • What pop-culture happenings are we excited for in 2020? We’ve got some you might expect, and others you might not!
  • This week’s episode is sponsored by BioClarity (enter promo code MIL for 15% off EVERYTHING on their website) and LoveBook (for 20% off a personalized book for a loved one). Support #Millennial by supporting our sponsors!

And in this week’s installment of After Dark:

  • The panel tries to be adults and set SMART goals for their New Years resolutions.
  • What resolutions have we made and failed at in the past? Why did we fail?
  • Most of the panel discovers they want to practice Spanish together, and Patrons want to join in! As a result, we created the Milenio-Español room in our Discord channel for anyone who’d like to join us on our language learning journey!
  • The panel vows to hold each other accountable for our goals in the new year. We hope you’ll help keep us accountable too, dear listeners!

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