Episode #5×46: A Date Gone Wrong, Copy Cat Podcast, Best Moments and Music of the 2010’s

The latest #Millennial is hot off the editor and ready to relax your ears after Thanksgiving with your family!

  • Pam went on a date over Thanksgiving break… and almost choked on her drink at one of her date’s comments about dealbreakers.
  • # vs $: Another podcast aimed towards millennials has a logo that looks a little too similar for comfort. We hope you enjoy our new and improved album art.
  • Democrats are set to drop articles of impeachment, and we’re on the case! Keep an eye out for our next BREAKING NEWS benefit over at Patreon.
  • It’s the end of the decade as we know it, and we feel… alright.
  • What were some of the best internet moments and controversies of the 2010s? There’s lots to cover, from Barack Obama’s inauguration to the Ashley Madison leaks, and everything in-between!
  • How about the best scientific breakthroughs? Props to space, but there’ve been some accomplishments on mother Earth too!
  • We announce our choice for best new artist of the decade and share the results from our Spotify Wrapped decade in reviews.
  • This week’s recommendations are cheery af: The Santa Clause (Andrew), A Christmas Carol (1999) and Krampus (Laura), and Home Alone 1 & 2 (Pam). Plus, Andrew throws in a cozy recommendation called The Comfy
  • This week’s episode is sponsored by Rothy’s (https://www.rothys.com/mill to get your new favorite flats), LoveBook (https://www.lovebookonline.com/mill for a 20% discount on a LoveBook), and Joybird (https://www.joybird.com/MILLENNIAL25 and enter code MILLENNIAL25 for 25% off your first order).  Support #Millennial by supporting our sponsors!

And in this week’s installment of After Dark, available to all Patrons this week:

  • Pam dives deeper and tells us about her dating dealbreakers.
  • Laura shares her history of dating a Bernie Bro, and what she learned from the experience.
  • Andrew spins us a tale of drinks, downtown L.A., and firearms.
  • We finally learn about Andrew’s secret life as a professional podcaster OUTSIDE of #Millennial. *gasp*

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