Episode #5×26: Comic-Con Experiences, Smoking on Netflix, Cheating Confession

  • #Millennial is back after a nice staycation to deliver some coverage on our favorite fandoms and… toilet talk?
  • In this week’s Mailbag, we cover a teacher sexual assault case, feedback on pyramid schemes, and a confessional in which the confessee admits to cheating.
  • It’s Con season, and we’re here to chat about SDCC, Atlanta Comic Con, Harry Potter conventions, and more.
  • With this comes a special greeting from the one and only Invader Zim!
  • Netflix is cutting back on scenes depicting smoking in series rated TV-14 or below after the Truth Initiative revealed that Netflix has nearly tripled moments of tobacco use in the last year.
  • When does limiting tobacco use stand in the way of artistic expression? Who is more impressionable when it comes to tobacco use and why?
  • WTF News is back (YAAAAY!) and first we have an update on a former WTF News story in which a woman “married” a pirate’s ghost. Spoiler: They’re now divorced.
  • How many of us will be storming Area 51? Remember, they can’t stop all of us! #TheTruthIsOutThere
  • This week’s recommendations get a little spicy when Andrew calls Laura out for delivering a cop-out rec. But we’ve also got good stuff for you -the new Queer Eye season (Andrew), Redd’s Pineapple Ale (Laura), Veronica Mars (Pam), and HBO’s Euphoria (Pat).
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And in this week’s installment of After Dark, available exclusively on Patreon:
  • A woman is facing possible felony charges after videoing herself completing the “Ice Cream Challenge,” in which one quickly licks the contents of an ice cream container and quickly returns it to a store freezer.
  • What compels people to participate in these internet challenges? Many of them are physically dangerous and carry serious legal repercussions.
  • We confess the dumb “challenges” we participated in BEFORE the internet. Judge us.

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