Episode #5×25: LuLaRoe Pyramid Scheme, Taylor Swift Drama, Twitter to Hide Bullying

  • Forgot the names of all 23 Democratic candidates? Don’t worry, we did too.
  • The hosts reveal the disgusting bodies of water they’ve dropped their phones in AND THEN CONTINUED USING THEM.
  • We highlight a few of this summer’s SCOTUS rulings: Flowers v Mississippi, Dept. of Commerce v New York, and Rucho v Common Cause.
  • Mueller will testify on July 17th, and there are mixed interpretations amongst the hosts about how effective his testimony will be.
  • Remember those ugly ass LuLaRoe leggings your friend from college was selling on Facebook a couple of years ago? Surprise surprise, it was a pyramid scheme. Why are people still falling for these?
  • We cover the latest Taylor Swift drama, and talk about what it means for her to have the entire body of her life’s work owned by someone who bullied her for years.
  • Twitter is finally (sort of) enforcing its Terms of Use, and we’re looking forward to seeing that “big, beautiful” grey wall blocking all of Trump’s tweets.
  • The quarterly numbers are coming in, and Q2 is looking great for Buttigieg with $24.8 million raised.
  • Surprise Bitch! caller Anisha is moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn like all the other cool kids, and this inspires some NYC reminiscence from the panel.
  • In this week’s recommendations, we have vibration absorption pads for your vibrating appliances (Andrew), ThredUP for gently used, second-hand clothing (Laura), and One Day At A Time in honor of it being saved by Pop TV (Pam).
  • This week’s episode is sponsored by Away (use promo code MILL for $20 off a suitcase) and The New Yorker (get 12 weeks of The New Yorker for just $6). Support #Millennial by supporting our sponsors!
  • We had some additional news stories we really wanted to dive into!
  • But first, Andrew reveals the salacious tale behind this week’s show recommendation.
  • Andrew shares another rage of the week, this time directed at Netflix for literally spoiling the entire third season of Stranger Things.
  • The birther movement is unfortunately alive and well, and now it’s coming for Kamala Harris.
  • Star Wars fans are getting thirsty: Disney’s big problem with fans stealing items from the Galaxy’s Edge attraction.

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