Episode #5: No Fun


With the ladies away, the men welcome one of our friends to the show. We review the Oscars, Andrew forces new music down our throats, and Matt brings back one of our most popular games.

– The ladies are both off this week, so Matt, Micah, and Andrew welcome Pamela to the show. She’s helping it be less of a sausage fest.
– We share our thoughts on the Oscars. Was NPH underwhelming? Was there a single gay in the world who didn’t love Gaga’s Julie Andrews tribute?
– Andrew wants everyone to know that fun. band leader Nate Ruess released a new song. Matt and Micah try to care.
– News: A university makes a huge mistake, Rudy Guilliani runs his mouth and makes stupid remarks, and the NBC Nightly News takes a dip in the ratings.
– WTF News: A woman stalks a couple who outbid her on her dream home, and Prince Harry and Emma Watson dating rumors.
– Question of the Week: What’s the simplest concept you’ve seen an elderly person struggle to comprehend? We share our stories and read listener submissions (read more on Facebook!)
– Surprise, Bitch! Steven is vaccinated, missed the Oscars, and just woke up from a nap.
– Recommendations including House of Cards season 3 and The Girl on the Train.

And this week, on After Dark:

– The return of Google That Shit! Matt gives the co-hosts Google search terms and we have to guess the autocomplete suggestions. We have some dark ones this week!
– Jon Stewart is really great at selling books. His departure is seriously upsetting book publicists.
– George R.R. Martin says people are going to die in the TV show who haven’t died in the book. We try to figure out what G.R.R.M. means by these remarks.

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