Episode #4×27: Milkshake

  • We’re joined this week by Andrew’s paramour, Pat!
  • Pat fills us in on that dairy farmer life: tariffs, and hormones, and nut juice, oh my!
  • Speaking of milk, the US delegation to the UN made waves this week when they went rogue and blocked a resolution that would have promoted breastfeeding. Our BFFs over in Russia saved the day though!
  • The “toxic fandom” phenomena continues to gain steam as stars are forced to delete social media accounts to avoid harassment. When does critique go too far?
  • In other fandom news, Game of Thrones has wrapped production on its final season, and Andrew still knows nothin’.
  • How well does Pat know Andrew? The NewlyWed game puts these lovebirds to the test!
  • Anyone in the Chicago area need a personal trainer? Hit up Pat: fincutterfitness@gmail.com

And in this week’s installment of After Dark:

  • TruTV is launching a new show – Paid Off – in which the winners get…. their student loans paid off.
  • We play a mock version of this game show with listener Sara. We can’t pay off her student loans, but we can give her a free month of Patreon!

This week’s episode is sponsored by BeachBody on Demand (text MIL to 303030 to try it FREE!), PolicyGenius, and BetaBrand (use code MILL to get 20% off your Dress Pant Yoga Pants!).

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