Episode #4×26: Hillaryland

  • Happy 4th of July! The US still has over 2,000 children in cages.
  • This week in more ‘America is fucked’ news, justice Anthony Kennedy resigns from the Supreme Court, leaving a second vacancy for Trump to fill.
  • Disney and Universal Studios are banking on millennial nostalgia in their upcoming theme park ventures. We’re sure there will be an avocado toast stand on every corner!
  • A Hillary Clinton Theme Park? We brainstorm ideas.
  • BREAKING NEWS: North Korea never had any intention of denuclearizing. How could we have predicted this would happen?!?!
  • Sarah Huckabee Sanders joins us again to burn some more truth.

And in this week’s edition of After Dark, available to $2+ Patrons:

  • Andrew’s gonna stick it to the (HOA) man!
  • He also comes up with a homeless outreach program idea that makes the girls grimace.
  • WTF News makes its return: running over pedestrians to get out of work, Texans using rattlesnakes as weapons, shitting diamonds, and much more!

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