Episode #4×21: Marcah

  • “Bless me #Millennial for I have sinned. It has been 3 days and 12 hours since the last time I threw my garbage on a movie theater floor.” – Andrew
  • Marc (aka Micah?) joins us and gives us his E3 predictions. He and Andrew plan to get E-rect.
  • We force Pam to answer some cringey interview questions used by employers to be hip and cool with the kids.
  • In the news: The Celebrity President is leading up to an exciting season finale: Will they or won’t they: North Korea edition, The great GDPR inbox flood, Instagram has a mute feature, and the US lost 1,475 migrant children. We wish this were all #fakenews.
  • A familiar voice deigns to join us for Surprise Bitch! and we’re all signing DNRs in case we end up hospitalized in LA.

And in this week’s episode of After Dark:

  • Google that shit!
  • What to do when you’re “the other woman.” We try to give some honest, frank advice about getting out of an affair.
  • Traditional definitions of virginity do not cover the range of (super super hot and fun) things you can do that qualify as sex.

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