Episode #4×20: Worse Than War

  • Welcome back to #Millennial! it’s 4×20 maaaaaaaaaaan.
  • We kick off the show with a new segment, #MilleniHelp. With almost a third of the US population not putting away enough for retirement, what are we doing to save? Patrons sound off and share some of their best savings advice.
  • Here we go again: we discuss the 22nd school shooting of 2018 and no one is surprised.
  • Things the GOP will ban before guns: doors, high-rise buildings, schools.
  • The infamous Laurel vs Yanny debate brings science and linguistics to the show (Let’s be real though, the right answer is Laurel).
  • Hidden From The Headlines: Andrew Smith, the lawyer who represented Equifax after its massive data breach last year, has been appointed to run the Federal Trade Commission. This is the office investigating — you guessed it — Equifax.

And in this week’s episode of After Dark:

  • WTF News returns!
  • What blows up in a 7-11 microwave before you go for a drug test? Tune in at 9 to find out!
  • A creepy home invasion story has us all re-evaluating our sense of security at home.
  • “I fought the dog and the dog won.” Good boy teaches owner important gun safety lesson.
  • Somehow we end up reviewing the FDA handbook for legally acceptable amounts of insect parts in certain foods?

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