Episode #4×13: Self Driving, Self Care

  • A warm welcome to Zach, who brings a touch of sincerity and thoughtfulness to the episode.
  • Fuel efficiency standards are being rolled back and we fuckin rampage.
  • Uber fucks up bigly as one of its self-driving cars self-drives its dumb ass into a human being. It’s tragic and telling.
  • A fascinating new psychology study concludes that a person’s attractiveness determines to what extent they think of society as “fair and just.” We ugly.
  • Zach is in it to win it with some much-needed insight into the debate on mental health and gun violence.
  • He wants you to check out this website if you’re seeking mental help.
  • Broad brushes are for bitches.

In this week’s After Dark:

  • The Sinclair controversy reaches a boiling point as a poignant video goes viral. We play the clip and dig in.
  • “This is dangerous to our democracy.”
  • 2 Truths, 1 Lie: Fake News style.

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