Episode #4×12: A Stormy Spanking

  • A Stormy’s comin, ‘Arry. And you best be ready when she does.
  • The Journal of Sex Research has released a comprehensive list of reasons (and remedies) for dead bedrooms in long-term relationships. We’re fascinated.
  • Cambridge Analytica: What. The fuck.
  • “Surviving middle school is supposed to be metaphorical.”¬†March For Our Lives breathes new life into the gun control debate.
  • And no. Knowing CPR won’t help.
  • Surprise, bitch! welcomes a fellow marcher to the show.
And in this week’s After Dark:
  • Laura asks us to consider the growing phenomena of partisan disconnect, and how people are increasingly unaware of their own hypocrisies.
  • Purity tests make the “perfect” the enemy of the “good.”
  • Democracy is tough, dirty work. Do it anyway.

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