Episode #4×07: HomoHomeowner

  • Black Panther is a crazy good success story. One might say… almost too successful.
  • It’s happening. Slowly, but surely. Mueller’s investigation is inching closer to conclusion, starting with the fuckwads who dared to interfere with the oldest constitutional democracy in the world.
  • Another school shooting. Another town devastated. When will we value our children more than our guns? The Parkland shooting survivors aren’t waiting for an answer.
  • The great transportation debate: Uber, Lyft, and the cost of crumbling infrastructure.
  • From Our Feed: Folks are up in damned arms over Fergie’s rendition of the national anthem, and we… let you decide for yourselves.
  • Sending thoughts and prayers to a listener’s overworked liver.

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And in this week’s After Dark:

  • Google That Shit takes a look at the main show’s stories and we remember that people are idiots.
  • We call a bunch of listeners for Surprise, Bitch! and get through to some sexy smart motherfuckers. Physicists? We can barely spell that.
  • Voicemails about getting high. Jupiter shows up in someone’s oven.

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