Episode #4×05: Lady Doritos

  • The Eagles win the Superbowl and MLK rolls over in his grave.
  • Memo Schmemo. Who needs the FBI anyway?! Lolz
  • Stop trying to make the Olympics happen. They’re not going to happen.
  • The Larry Nassar case gets heated and the #MeToo movement proves itself tragically relevant.
  • Susan B. Anthony’s dream is realized with the introduction of Lady Doritos: for the sexy snacker in every woman.
  • Hidden from the Headlines examines how the Environmental Protection Agency is failing to protect the environment. Also you.
  • The BEST PRESIDENT, LIKE, EVERRRRRR gets a Twitter makeover with our Valley Girl series.

And in this week’s After Dark:

  • If you see my butthole, I should get to see yours. #relationships101.
  • Plans go off the rails as Andrew regales us with tales from his sex life.
  • We try to be normal and answer some listener questions

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