Episode #4×04: nOprah

  • Andrew recalls a horrific dream he had recently. ~What does it mean??~
  • We share our thoughts on Trump’s SOTU.. the parts we watched, anyway.
  • Oprah has announced she’s not running for President. That’s a big win for the Dems.
  • Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of this Damn Series. What the hell is going on with David Yates’ latest comments?
  • Mark Salling is dead of an apparent suicide, and some people seem happy about it. Sorrynotsorry that some of us feel sympathy for his family and tragic life.
  • GET. VACCINATED. Flu season is really bad this year.
  • Surprise, Hosts! Our latest Surprise, Bitch victim is a Republican. We talk about what it’s like to be a conservative and listener to a liberal podcast.
  • The Number: Sleep and Facebook Editions.
  • Our first sponsor of the year has done wonders for Andrew’s and Laura’s faces: Visit BioClarity.com and use code ‘MIL’ to get their 30-day skincare regime for $9.95, including free shipping!

This week in After Dark:

  • Bad Neighbors, Part 2. Matt and Andrew tell Laura how to deal with her shitty upstairs neighbor.
  • We read horror stories from listeners. They involve cannons, nudity, and brooms.

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