Episode #3×38: Bump Potato

  • Welcome to a special edition of The LANDY Show. Our other two bitches have lives, and we have podcasts, so who’s the real winner?
  • Rape culture is insidious and present at all levels of of culture. WHO KNEW? (Harvey Weinstein sure did.)
  • Every year is en election year and no one wants the hot potato of bump stocks to land in their hands.
  • Nuclear winter is comin’. Ya know nothin’ Don Foe.
  • Since we can’t take care of our own citizens, Elon Musk is coming to the rescue with a proposal to rebuild Puerto Rico’s power grid with solar power.
  • Have we found jobs in our respective fields? Nah fam.
  • Is Jeremy the scientist vaccinated? Stay tuned to find out!
  • Recommendations: Sonos:PlayOne (Andrew) and Spooked podcast (Laura)

And in this week’s edition of After Dark:

  • Friend of the show Sarah shares with us another reason why many Millennials don’t have paying jobs: unpaid internships. Sarah is a baller with a PhD and 5 years experience in the field, and still gets asked to work pro-bono.
  • Young people are expected to live on a shoe string in exchange for experience just to get into college. Was it always like this?
  • What benefits would we require in exchange for working for free? (We’re actually thoughtful and our answers don’t involve “buttsex.”)
  • LANDY have decided a social media break is coming soon. We can’t deal with this shit anymore.

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