Episode #3×37: Docket Delight

  • Our hearts ache for Las Vegas right now. And we would send them our thoughts and prayers, but thoughts and prayers are worth approximately nothing. We need gun control. Now.
  • Help us, Justice Kennedy– you’re our only hope. The Supreme Court just heard oral arguments in a historic gerrymandering case and there seems to be room for optimism. 
  • Is it possible for a show to have too many Trump jokes? The return of Will & Grace answers that question. As well as the hopes of dreams of 90s gay kids everywhere.
  • Not even God is awake at 6 AM, but we expect our kids to be. A new study proves early ass school days are bad for teenagers’ health.
  • FUCK OFF, CUPID. The segment makes a harrowing return with the help of several crushed dreams. #ForeverAlone 
And this week’s After Dark is available to ALL Patrons:
  • WTF News edition. Now there’s a throwback. “YESSS.”
  • German ecstasy pills in the shape of Dear Leader. 
  • Semen-laden flutes. 
  • Cow farts. 

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