Episode #3×35: Rocket Man

  • With two more natural disasters this week, Andrew predicts The Big One is finally upon Los Angeles. West Coast Patrons: Please make sure your credit cards are up to date.
  • Surprise, Bitch: Detroit ain’t so bad after all.
  • A Canadian confesses that she’s jealous of America’s student loan systems. ~You can’t always get what you want…~
  • In the news: A White House lawyer makes a major mistake, and Toys R Us files for bankruptcy. Plus, there’s a tragic story out of Georgia Tech.
  • Trump has a new nickname for North Korea’s leader, but like, Kim Jong Un probably LOVES it.
  • In AP Choice we debate what CDs we’d take to a remote island, and offer tips on how to save money.

This week, in After Dark:

  • One of the biggest aspects of Trump’s Presidency is the way he uses Twitter. But he’s caused lots of trouble on there — should he be banned?
  • Is Twitter an effective way for politicians to get a message out?
  • What else should our Orange leader be banned from?

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