Episode #3×34: So Fresh, So Clean

  • Introducing… the LANDY Show!
  • Happy birthday to our favorite national tragedy. Where were you when Matt turned 16?
  • Surprise, bitch! Can… can you hear us?
  • We lament the end of the summer and all that makes life worth living.
  • u say wot m8? this iphone is a wot? da fuq u mean there’s too
  • Go cut your teeth somewhere else, n00bs. Keep your filthy hands off Star Wars.
  • Chocolate company Mars (M&Ms, Skittles, Twix) is STEPPIN UP to kill the climate change game. Well done. And here’s why their involvement matters. 
  • Laura’s feeling so fresh and so clean clean.
  • What are Millennials killing? Matt has a… comprehensive list.
  • We don’t LIKE this, we just have no other CHOICE. 
  • Long live bar soap. 

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