Episode #3×32: Ladies Night

  • It’s ladies night! And the girls outline a newly-revamped Patreon.
  • MuggleFuck: A History. Coming to a theater near you.
  • Hurricane Harvey breaks records as the largest and most intense hurricane in Texas history. We discuss the ramifications and encourage everyone to donate:
  • Who is Sheriff Joe Arpaio? Why did he get a pardon? When will he assume his final form as a factory reject dildo?
  • Fact: if you blame children for the decisions of their parents, you’re a self-righteous piece of shit. #DACA
On this installment of After Dark:
  • AFTER DARK: GAME OF THRONES EDITION. Spoilers are coming.
  • What the fuck was up with the time travel this season?! WHY IS EVERYONE EXCUSING IT
  • So wights can’t swim… except when they can.
  • Dat finale tho…

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