Episode #3×31: He Was Blinded

  • BLIIIIIINDED BY THE LIGHT, wrapped up like a douche you know the rumor is you’re tight. (Nailed it.)
  • But T-Swift is about to be back in. Bigly. 
  • Remember that place “Afghanistan”? Where we’ve been at war for 16 years? Yeah, that’s still happening.
  • “War is peace” and “climate change is ‘weather extremes’,” according to Big Brother. And you love Big Brother. 
  • Disney is divorcing Netflix and, as usual, the kids are the ones who suffer.
  • Surprise, bitch! makes a grand re-entrance to the show as we call not one, not two, but three listeners… all of whom are too mature for their own good.
  • Associate Producer’s Choice and Listener Feedback make us think more critically about the removal of confederate statues, and how to handle dating someone who’s religious when you’re not.
In this installment of After Dark:
  • What. The fuck. Was that.
  • Trump’s rally in Phoenix, Arizona revealed the most unhinged, incoherent and tone-deaf president in modern times.
  • Explain It Like I’m 5: Laura’s new game for us, wherein we’re asked to explain shit we don’t understand in terms that a five-year-old would. 
  • Andrew understands Game of Thrones better than actual fans. 

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