Episode #3×06: That’s My Boy

Todd Peterson (Andy Samberg) and Donny Berger (Adam Sandler) in Columbia Pictures' comedy THAT'S MY BOY.

  • There may be big changes coming for one of us over Valentine’s Day. Stay tuned. Vote in the poll HERE.
  • Listener feedback takes a dump on Andrew and weaves a tale of panties and bushes. 
  • We guarantee we’re the only podcast that will go from anal to the Constitution. #blessed 
  • “Fuck those immigrants, amirite?!” -Native Americans and/or Donald Trump 
  • We discuss Betsy DeVos (Note: This episode was recorded before she was confirmed as Education Secretary).
  • One gay, two gay, three gays, four. Five gays, six gays, seven homos more. A new survey reveals Americans greatly overestimate the size of the LGBTQ community. 
  • Adam Sandler, or a gay club? Matt gives us the name. We guess (badly). 
And in this week’s After Dark:
  • #NeverForget the Bowling Green Massacre. We each share our stories of where we were on that fateful day. 
  • How, and why, does the Trump administration get away with such outrageous lies? What’s their strategy here?

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