Episode #36: Bern Baby Bern

  • We’re all mentally checked out because the first Democratic Presidential Debate went down right after recording, and we were pumped– but we take the opportunity to address some listener criticism about our coverage.
  • Surprise, bitch! takes us across the pond to… a meteor shower? Blimey that’s a right tosser posh crumpet! Or something.
  • Obama is officially in the IDGAF stage of his presidency, as evidenced by his latest actions on gun control.
  • Mercedes, Mitsubishi and other automotive manufacturers have been found to be part of Volkswagen’s emissions cheating ring. The car makers’ emissions were found to be between 1.5 and 6 times higher than tested, showing the world what an actual conspiracy looks like.
  • Gingers don’t have souls. Or a moral compass, apparently. Mark Colborne, an English citizen, was recently found guilty of planning to assassinate Prince Charles in an attempt to bring gingers to power.
  • Hidden from the Headlines reveals thousands of young women, many of whom are children, are disappearing from Mexico. They are sold into sex trafficking trades here in the U.S., but no one’s talking about it, and we dissect why.
  • Andrew introduces us to a Grade-A moron who recorded herself driving drunk. Can we all agree to put down the smartphones (and the car keys) when drinking?
  • The show ends with a few special words of wisdom. You’re welcome.
And in today’s After Dark:
  • Associate Producers’ Special! We dive into a flurry of Producers’ Choice topics as submitted by our incredible $10 tier Patrons.
  • Comedians are starting to refuse shows at college campuses, saying this generation is too sensitive for comedy. What’s up with that, and why is it important to take a fuckin chill pill?
  • Kanye West has teased that he’s running for President in 2020. Do we believe him? Are we terrified by this idea?
  • Our wedding experiences: Do we have any horror stories? Andrew and Laura share stories from weddings they’ve attended.

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