Episode #35: Eh For Effort


The full team is back this week with a rousing tribute to Canada and a somewhat different approach to gun control. Plus: Bella Swan has a dick. And so, apparently, does Justin Bieber. Who knew.

  • Producer’s Choice opens the show with a few pointed questions about the recent Planned Parenthood hearing.
  • “Say it. Out loud.” … “I’m on my period.”
  • Stephenie Meyer released an anniversary edition of Twilight this week, wherein the characters are GENDER-SWAPPED! An interesting foray into gender issues, or a perfect recipe for hilarious listicles? You be the judge.
  • Shocking no one, another mass shooting rocked the United States last week, the only country wherein it’s harder to buy cold medicine than a semi-automatic.
  • We discover Canada has the nicest attack ads in the developed world when we discuss their upcoming elections. It’s a simplistic conversation because we’re really not well-versed on this shit. But eh for effort, right Canadians?
  • Surprise, bitch! welcomes a Maple Leaf to the show as we force her to speak for an entire country.

And in this week’s hilarious installment of After Dark:

– Speaking of Canadians– Justin Bieber’s dick pics were leaked onto the web. We embark on a thoughtful, nuanced discussion on grow-ers versus show-ers.
– Andrew argues there’s a double standard regarding men’s and women’s nude pics, then promptly asks whether we’d blow Bieber based on his photos. Okay.
– Devil’s Advocate gets weird when we force Andrew and Laura to argue against gun control. Laura brings her game face, and Andrew brings… we have no idea.

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