Episode #2×41: Duel Of The Fates


  • Halloween was an identity crisis for one of us, who faced the toughest Harry Potter quiz of her life. 
  • We’ve got 99 problems and Anthony Weiner is literally all of them. Dumpster Fire: The Penultimate Edition questions how one man’s dick can exert so much power.
  • Who will take Florida? How many beers will Andrew drink? Will Laura drunkenly hit on strangers at the bar? These and more important election night predictions.
  • Goodbye, Clusterfuck 2016. We hardly knew ye.
  • Standing Rock Sioux protests against an oil pipeline that would run through their sacred land are finally getting more attention. If you want to help:
And in this week’s After Dark:
  • We discuss our upcoming election trip; Andrew and Laura confess they’re nervous.
  • Are we even prepared for the possibility for a Trump win?
  • No.

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