Episode #2×40: The Selfie Felony


#Millennial reporting live from the end of the Republic, with only two more weeks left before the next – and depending on how it goes, maybe the last – presidential election.

– For our in-depth thoughts on the third and final Presidential debate, listen to this episode of After Dark.

-Is Wonder Woman an empowering role model for girls worldwide, or just over-sexualized spank bank material for boys? The UN deliberates. Tonight at 9.

-AT&T announces it’s buying Time Warner for a monumental $85.4 billion. Harry Potter asks if this means he’ll get free roaming.

-A new installment of Trumpster Fire 2016 comes with a PSA about polling booth selfies, brought to you by: Justin Timberlake – bringing felonies back since 2004.

-The Number asks us to guess which state has the highest per capita number of sex toys, and spoiler alert, it’s NOT GEORGIA. NICE SLACKING THERE LAURA.

-Surprise, bitch! is a massive failure, much like this show.

In this week’s After Dark:

-Halloween is almost here, and we kick it off with another creep ass story from our resident ghost hunter.

-Close the portal.

-Where should costumes draw the line between fantasy fictional characters, and cultural appropriation? No one knows for sure, but avoiding skin makeup is probably a good fuckin start.

-How should we each dress up, and why don’t boys’ costumes show off their ass cheeks? SEEMS LIKE A DOUBLE STANDARD. Thanks Obama.

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