Episode #27: Welcome to New Earth


  • SOMEONE ditched us to go ride rollercoasters, so we kicked ’em off the show.
  • Andrew was slick with hamburger grease when he randomly encountered longtime fan of the show.
  • The trio share their credit card advice and nightmares. Don’t be like us.
  • Harry Potter is singlehandedly responsible for Matt’s credit card debt. JK Rowling, we’ll send you his account information if you wanna help a brother out.
  • Surprise! Another shooting, this time at a movie theatre in Louisiana. Are we surprised?
  • Airport style security in all public places = preferable to common sense gun reform.
  • Thanks to NASA, we’re all moving to Kepler 452b, aka “New Earth.” No guns or Trumps allowed.
  • 5000 protestors will assemble in a tangled, sweaty orgy in Nairobi to protest gay marriage in time for Obama’s arrival in Kenya. Why weren’t we invited?
  • A #Millennial Facebook group special request: What do we think of raising the minimum wage to $15/hr?
  • Are airline checked baggage fees a thing of the past?! (Probably not.)
  • We make a progressive decision following this week’s “Surprise Bitch!”
  • We play a game and discover one of us is even more traitorous than Andrew.
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We will be taking our midseason break and returning with Episode 28 on August 17th!

And in this week’s installment of After Dark:

  • Andrew’s obsessed with devices that can be manipulated by your butt. First lightsabers, now butt dials.
  • Bill Cosby is still a dripping sore on the taint of society, and New York Magazine reminds us why.
  • In celebration of our first half-season, we provide some information about the inception of #Millennial that will make you wish someone had tried to delete our Facebook page sooner.

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