Episode #9×17: Tantalizing High-Yield Savings Accounts, and More Money Talk

  • Welcome to #Millennial, the home of pretend adulting and real money talk!
  • This week’s episode is all about money, honey!
  • With continued concerns about inflation and the potential of a looming national default, what should American workers have in mind?
  • NerdWallet has some recommendations for how you can best protect yourself in the event the US defaults on its debts.
  • Laura has a financial boner for high-yield savings accounts, and the panel discusses how this is a great first step for anyone looking to build their wealth.
  • Andrew is disappointed with his current portfolio given stock market losses – will he sign up for Apple’s high-yield savings account?!
  • Inspired by this tweet, we discuss things we’ve bought that were a value add to our lives, and those things that were… not.
  • We’ve got some themes to recommend: invest in items that make you feel good, like ergonomic chairs or massage guns! Patrons recommend good skincare, TSA pre-check, quality mattresses, and more!
  • Our recommendations this week are money savers, educational, and organizational! Nintendo Switch Game Voucher (Andrew), ‘The Inflation Blame Game’ episode of ‘The Problem with Jon Stewart’ on Apple TV+ (Laura), and Zebra Midliner pens (Pam).

And in this week’s installment of After Dark, available to Patreon and Apple Podcast subscribers:

  • Is moving to be closer to friends a good idea? Or should you temper your expectations?
  • We’ve got some tea to spill on the topic of people moving for the wrong reasons!
  • Is a member of the #Millennial team planning to move…?

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