Episode #9×16: Neighbor Paranoia, Texas and the Ten Commandments, Doxxing and TikTok

  • Andrew and Pam hung out over the weekend and bankrupted the show on coffee expenses. #rip
  • As predicted, the Hollywood Writers Strike HAS BEGUN!
  • Is it just us, or does it seem like neighbor paranoia is increasing?
  • Recently, multiple cases have occurred where people opened fire on others for innocent mistakes or even delivering groceries.
  • What’s to blame for peoples’ increased paranoia of security in their neighborhoods? Is having a home security system a slippery slope for some?
  • We share cases of our own paranoid neighbors and whether we think there is merit to their concerns.
  • Last week the Texas State Senate passed a bill that would require every public school classroom in the state to prominently display the Ten Commandments. We wonder how educators will explain things like “adultery” to kindergarteners. 
  • #Millennial provides podcast-approved messaging for Texas educators to explain the 10 commandments to their grade-school aged students, and a special guest joins us ~from above~ for the task.
  • Is doxxing ever justified? Pam clues us into a story originating on TikTok, where a creator’s video featuring two women making fun of her went viral, resulting in the doxxing of the video’s bullies.
  • If you get caught being a dick, do you deserve to have your family harassed, be fired from your job, or have your reputation tanked online?
  • This week’s recommendations will secure your tech AND your skin! Google Authenticator (Andrew), Super Goop is available for FSA purchase (Laura), and Jack Black intense therapy lip balm (Pam).

And in this week’s installment of After Dark, available to all Patrons this week:

  • #Millennial’s Life Pro Tips! Laura was recently inspired to bring this to the table after she pushed back on an expensive medical bill that should have been covered by insurance.
  • What a time to be alive: slow closing toilet seats and voice assistants really do come in clutch and deserve more credit.
  • Andrew’s life hack for getting off an annoying phone call guilt-free!

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