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Below are our listeners who currently support us on Patreon. Thank you so much for your support! We truly couldn’t do this without you.

Due to privacy concerns, we are only displaying first names and last initials. This list was last updated May 2019.

Thank you to our Facebook Official members! πŸ’‘πŸ‘©β€β€οΈβ€πŸ‘©πŸ‘¨β€β€οΈβ€πŸ‘¨
Joseph D
Cheryl M
Chantal B
Kristen M
Veronica B
Erin R
Stephanie G
Marissa T
Caitrin M
Carson M
Rex R
Anne W
Robyn S
Laura P
Rachel C
Megan P
Jaryd M
Natalie H
Anjeli S
Kellie G
Catie W
Whitney M
Kavi C
Chloe P
Frida S
Luke T
Brian D
Allison S
Lizi D
Amy T
April D
Patty E
Pauline O
Hayley B
Brittany H
Sarah S
Tana H
Ryland M
Kailey L
Zara T
Sara S
Christina M
Maria K
Alex W
Margarita K
Adit S
Molly J
Josh V
Laura H
Molly B
Tiara N
Sara H
Phoebe R
Jessica W
Austin W
Ashley H
Maria K
Brianna V
Dominique E
Jeremy K
Hayden B
Devin A
Karen K
Justin S
Victor C
Allison M
Kassidi J
Caleb M
Thaddeus D
Kayla S
Phua J
Amber l
Tiara J
Khristina H
Sarah L
Vicki B
Kathleen C
James C
Mana J
Scott R
Chong N
Brandi K
Chloe B
Dianne B
Graham S
Amalie T
Rachel M
Jemima S
Amy H
Shania D
Nicki H
Roshni B
Diena W
Kim B
Colton j
Marco L
Brianna L
Carolyn S
Cara F
Andrew L
Natasha S
Ryan M
Emily M
Sonia R
Kelsey P
Samuel J
April L
Cassandra B
Alex S
Stephanie B
Katie Z
Deborah D
Ryan M
Christie M
Sheree W
Jared H
Alexandra M
Lanai T
Ashley W
Jordan N
Kearstyn M
Jonathan L
Joel B
Ashley L
Katherine B
Nicole P
Melissa G
Emelie H
Elizabeth P
Morgan L
Feliciana S
Liliana B
Mario P
Miranda S
Rosalie V
Frank P
Matt S
Sarah L
Sean M
Camille S
Taylor J
Koen A
Joey C
Angela G
Anne A
Vicky R

Thank you to our OTP’s! πŸ‘« πŸ‘­ πŸ‘¬
Stephanie E
Emma K
Mathew W
Kelsea S
Sabrina D
Rachel S
Drew B
Elizabeth B
Meghan M
Brittany B
Brannon S
Olivia M
Stephanie F
Irene C
Danielle M
Jean L
Katie M
Lindsey S
Kyle M
Taylor L
Vincent B
Victoria V
Baila B
Gabrielle A
Ryan N
Liza M
Aubrey A
Nwando D
Katie Y
Paola H
Becky F
Morgan D
Stephanie N
Chelsea H
Jamie F
Tara-Lee U
Grace B
Hannah P
Eric L
Elodie G
Hannah R
Justin D
Nicole S
Sonia T
Torie K
Cody L
Katie D
Dylan C
Karina L
Megan h
Gregory T
Will L
Paige T
Lyndsay C
Marissa P
Daphna S
David B
Ida J
Ansley J
Samantha M
Sonja T
Julie M
Rylee R
Kait M
Amanda C
Hailey B
Courtney D
Amber S
Anja J
Alyssa C
Jeremy B
Kristina A
Mariene J
Mary P
Sabrina B
Anisha G
Kristin D
Sarah C
Julia O
Angela E
Anna W
Liz K
Matthew A
Jennifer B
Rebecca C
Iben F
Stefanie L
Robert V
Bailey W
Maren J
Linh T
Maranda F
Tonia B
Katelyn R
Kelsey H
Patricia F
Najea G
Kristina A
Earnie S
Lee G
Merideth S
Rachita G
Niel M
Isaac H
Lauren L
Kimberly B
Catherine K
Chelsey G
Kelsey d
Yamil S
Sherman B
Ashley S
Nicole S
Emma U
Sasha B
Liz R
Luis P
Amanda T
Priscila C
Sara M
Rachel S
Roxanne C
Brooke M
Shannon B
Pauline Q
Kenneth C
Destiny J
Nicole C
Krystal A
Evan S
Najea G
Bethany S
Jasmine P
Paige Z
Amber C
Kassandra R
Marissa O
John M
Deana E
Ilinca G
Parker S
Carol A
Laurie B
Naivette H
Jenny M
Nicole F
Adrianna e
Kelsey C
Jessica F
Elisabeth A
Anna P
Ambika T
Laura L
Alisha S
Ryan F
Barbara W
Claire H
Courtney S
Moira F
Tammy A
Tori S
Yadira M
Laura D
Travis G
Bailey H
Brinita D
Julia P
Hannah V
Elise W
Brooke C
Rebecca R
Megan S
Chaselynn B
Komal K
Monica S
Jaclyn M
Michelle L
Jacob J
Rylee R
Gabby A
Emma P
Janteane B
Robin P
Rebecca D
Brittany W
Angie L
Lara A
Kathryn D
Johnathon K
Alison U
Emily T
Katherine W
Allison D
Lucas G
Katherine W
Becky L
Connor N
Marisa h
InΓͺs E
Catherine D
Kate H
Julia S
Allie G
Gabbie M
Kelsey H
Tara M
Katie G
Jonathan R
34 C
Natalie R
Allison D
Samantha P
Julie P
Stephanie P
Marianne A
Erica O
Robert J
Jenna P
Aschley S
Mark S
kara a
Liza D
Devi k
Emily S
Emily H
Jeffrey F
Yousif R
Yuan T
Jessie B
Sita M
Rachel K
Sabrina H
Samantha M
Stevey W
Tina z
Michelle M
Marta S
Taylor V
Marley W
Keeley C
Elizabeth S
Marija J
Roxanne P
Audrey R
Dennis Z
Sachiko K
Indrani S
Ruth B
Frances S
Rune S
Sarah F
Shelby R
Melanie L
Marta C
Selina A
Ravin G
Alexandra D
Ben F
Catherine C
Kay-Lee C
Chad R
Juan H
Colin W
Camille M
Cara W
Nicholas F
Luke R
Emily B
Isabelle D
Raquel H
Meerna H
Claire C
Camilla J
Sarah G
Difei L
Stephanie W
Megan R
Li C
Samuel B
Cody H
Heather K
Colleen A
Alexandria J
Kenny S
Annelise W
Ian U
Jessica K
169 M
Keana C
Rebecca A
Erwin A
Sarah B
Li M
Kayla W
Catie W
Dwight J
Vanessa E
Daniel H
Brooke L
Kelley C
Angela K
Amy L
Austin W
Patrick F
David E
Jenny M
Megan D
Claire O
Mahira G
Natasha N
Meghan C
International S
Josh M
Kristen C
jenny k
Alan A
Maleah E
Caitlin M
Yeshi L
Maeve N
Krystal S
Maj L
Alyce M
Tara V
Erin L
Lucas L
An-Hoa L
Ingrid J
Maryan O
Ashley S
Julianne R
Moriah C
Camilla N
Katherine K
Aida H
Rachael E
Louise B
Jaye K
Fallon M
Andrew C
Hannah H
Felicia S
Ches W
Katie F
Karla N
Katherine C
clair l
Sophie L
Emilie B
Desiree P
Samantha Y
Stephanie F
Denise Γ–
Ceilidh B
Halee R
Kristen W
Zoe M
Elvira M
Samantha M
Chad H
Jocelyn E
Jeff D
Heather S
Kristina S
Melissa A
Casey L
625 M
Caitlin G
Kimberly U
Rebecca M
Rhiannon R
Jessica A
Christine G
Jill H
Annika W
Caitlin S
Matthew B
Meghan F
Janine J
Caleb A
Bridget C
Marissa P
Katie E
Julia S
Anna B
Amanda K
Amyiris C
Anthony R
Christine C
Katherine R
Emmie F
Jocelyn W
Molly R
Katherine P
Rachel P
Mallory S
Nadine S
Natsuko S
drew s
Shilpi S
Elizabeth C
Zach S
Megan G
Emily G
Daniel B
Melissa B
Helen F
Beth R
Michele C
Tracy J
Meghan C
Kathryn P
Angela H
Bobbi K
Jen V
Fanny L
Claire D
Maya C
Mallory G
Jennifer L
Allison R
Jessica J
Mark M
Gaby T
Melissa G
Courtney M
Marjorie M
Johannes H
Corey R
Zac Y
Beatrice R
Jasmine G
Morgan V
Shane E
Brigid W
Ethan J
Jonathan L
Molly P
Gavin O
Tori S
Olivia J
Helene T
Lina W
Anna P
Kait B
Emma K
hannah w
Danielle Z
Pay M
Lauren M
Noa G
Nandan V
Amanda T
Jaclyn Z
Kaleigh C
Michael T
Beth W
Adonis S
Daryl C
Danielle B
Rachel R
Stephanie P
Brett I
Kara L
Melissa W
Kristen T
Sergio C
Jordan D
Katrina H
Christine T
Laura P
Heather S
Felipa B
Katie l
Robert S

Last but not least, thank you to our Friends with Benefits πŸ˜‰
Patrick C
Marissa B
Becky A
Mariel S
Marie K
Drew T
Kathleen H
Alyssa M
Aileen R
Pamela M
Katya L
Gabbi T
Martina K
Anne H
Casey S
Shefali J
Shavia B
Jeremy R
Staci F
Lucija P
Erin B
Greg S
Lauren L
Stephanie C
Emily M
Sarah E
Brihannah R
Jess R
Maleny J
Sara M
Ilhan B
Megan S
Cheryl S
Rose B
Morgyn G
Alysia S
Mollie M
Alicia W
Emily D
Elizabeth T
Audrey P
Shana D
Kate S
Phyllis A
Millennial G
James g

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