Episode #9×35: Pop Culture Courses at Universities, Dropping Out of College, ‘Fourth Wing’ Book Club (Spoiler Free!)

  • Welcome to #Millennial, the home of pretend adulting and real talk!
  • Laura is off, but she’ll be back next week! In her absence, Andrew and Pam welcome their friend (and former Hypable staffer!) Tariq Ra’ouf, to the show!
  • You can find Tariq online at Twitter and Instagram.
  • It looks like the Writer’s Strike has officially come to an end! We react to the news at the WGA has reached a tentative deal with the AMPTP
  • Pam fills us in on what happens next now that picketing has stopped, and Andrew details some of what fans can expect after writers in Hollywood resume work.
  • It’s a pop culture palooza this week!
  • To kick things off, we dive into the rise in popularity of universities offering courses on some of today’s biggest pop stars.
  • Is teaching classes on Taylor Swift and Beyonce a smart tactic in getting students excited to learn, or is it all just good PR for the universities greenlighting these classes?
  • Is there space in the classroom for pop culture? We definitely think so!
  • As our discussion on cool college courses comes to a close, Andrew and Tariq get vulnerable as they discuss dropping out of university.
  • Check out Professor Julian Wamble on TikTok, who teaches a Harry Potter course!
  • ‘Fourth Wing’ fans, rejoice! Your excitement over our recent recommendations of the Rebecca Yarros written novel didn’t go unnoticed! To wrap up the show, we host a little spoiler free book club dedicated to this year’s hottest fantasy read!
  • We talk about what it is that sucked us into the book and kept us reading.
  • Pam and Andrew have some fun recounting the spicy plot point they didn’t see coming.
  • ‘Fourth Wing’ sequel, ‘Iron Flame,’ is coming out this November— will any of us be heading out to Barnes & Noble’s planned midnight release parties for the book?
  • We take the opportunity to reminisce a bit on all the midnight release parties we attended growing up.
  • This week’s recommendations: ‘Crying In H Mart’ by Michelle Zauner (Pam), WaterPiks (Andrew), and recording artists Jungle and Whethan (Tariq).

And in this week’s installment of After Dark:

  • WTF news is back!
  • Tariq joins us as Andrew shares a carefully curated list of news stories centered on the overarching theme of “butts.”
  • This time around we’re trying something new: ending this latest installment of WTF news on a high note with some cute news!
  • Is After Dark always this gross, Tariq asks? *shifty eye emoji*

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