Episode #9×25: Reviewing Meta’s Threads, Reviving ’90s Hits For Millennials, Brands Pull Back On Loyalty Perks

  • Welcome to #Millennial, the home of pretend adulting and real THREADS talk!
  • But first, Laura gives a 30 second blitz update about our fucked up student loan situation.
  • Last week, Meta launched its Twitter competitor, Threads, and we were among the early adopters. #influencers
  • We provide a full review of Threads: the good, the bad, the missing features. Will Threads steal our hearts, or can we just not quit Twitter?
  • Personal threads wishlists: following tab (for n00ds), hashtags (for n00ds), and close friends list (for n00ds).
  • With a number of recent and upcoming adaptations of popular toys and brands, we take a trip down memory lane to the 90s and give some recommendations we believe would KILL with millennial audiences.
  • Dark Side of Barney: “I always say I love you, but you never say it back so now I’m on Lexapro.”
  • With Furby making a comeback, could we see attempts for a Furby movie? It might sound like a stretch, but don’t forget they made an Angry Birds movie.
  • Tfw you realize popular 90s board games could be adapted into horror films. :eyes:
  • We’ve got a bone to pick with major brands ditching their rewards and birthday perks programs! Don’t y’all have enough money? Stop taking my free birthday coffee away!
  • Pam breaks some bad news to Laura about Sephora’s birthday gift. :'(
  • Do brands really think eliminating these loyalty perks will save them substantial money? How can they evolve to meet shoppers’ preference for online purchasing habits?
  • This week’s recommendations are FUN and FUNDAMENTAL: Read about the Biden administrations proposed SAVE income-based repayment plan (Laura), ‘Won’t You Be My Neighbor?’ on Netflix (Pam), and ‘The Diplomat’ on Netflix (Andrew).

And in this week’s installment of After Dark, available to Patrons and Apple Podcast subscribers:

  • Every high school as an “incident,” and we spill the tea on each of our high schools’ most remembered mishaps and events.
  • Pam tells a story with a twist that you WON’T see coming – we’re clutching our pearls.
  • “Yeah, totally no problem that the gym coach has a window looking directly in the girls’ locker room. This is fine!”
  • Would we go to a high school reunion for revenge?

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