Episode #9×12: Listeners Confess Their Secrets, Trump (Finally) Gets Indicted

  • Uncork the champagne: we have a Trump indictment just in time for this week’s show!
  • Time to CONFESS! Listeners write in for this week’s episode using our anonymous Confessional to detail their deep, dark, dirty secrets!
  • Is there a nuanced interpretation to the ongoing debate about the national security risks Tiktok presents?
  • It’s ok to not love everything about Joe Biden – we don’t believe in turning politicians into our entire personality.
  • How do the hosts approach diet and fitness from a sustainable, healthy perspective?
  • Is it normal for our sex drive to reduce as we get older?
  • Managing expectations with family can be hard, especially when coming out.
  • Should people feel guilty about taking advantage of working from home to sneak in a quick nap?
  • We receive an update about a previous Confessional submission!
  • This week’s recommendations are practical with a side of entertainment: ‘Did you know’ that alarm clocks only snooze for 9 minutes because original clocks mechanically couldn’t snooze for 10? (Andrew), don’t forget your sunscreen! (Laura), and Showtime’s ‘Yellowjackets’ (Pam).

And in this week’s installment of After Dark, available on Patreon:

  • A new poll conducted by real estate advice website Home Bay inspires us to talk about our respective cities, and why people may (or may not) want to live there.
  • It’s “Atlanna” not “Atlanta.”
  • Dallas being in the top list of cities people want to move to seems wild.
  • Why don’t people want to move to Pam’s home city of San Francisco?!

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