Episode #9×04: ChatGPT is Incredible… and Coming For Our Jobs

  • Laura has an announcement: she has joined the ranks of Joe Biden, Mike Pence, and Donald Trump for having classified documents in her home. Who’s next?
  • Chat GPT, the new AI chatbot that has taken the internet by storm, is the subject of this week’s show. Listen carefully — some of what we say may be written by The Bots.
  • Chat GPT can write letters, papers, and podcast dialogue when given specific requests. It can also answer everyday questions, convey emotion, write content, and even write code.
  • Big tech has taken notice and some are reportedly shaking in their boots and in some cases even vying to use Chat GPT.
  • Artists and creators alike are sounding the alarm over AI bots and their potential to steal from artists in order to generate content.
  • There may still be a ways to go though: CNET was using AI to write articles until they realized there were some errors in the bot’s reporting.
  • Should people be worried about the machines taking their jobs?
  • For today’s episode, we prepared ad copy, existential diary entries, and even a conversation with Albus Dumbledore using AI bots!
  • This week’s recommendations are fun and functional enough to get you to stop worrying about the rise of Skynet: GoldenEye on Nintendo Switch (Andrew), The Quarry on PS/XBOX/PC (Laura), and Mighty Patch (Pam).

And in this week’s installment of After Dark, available on Patreon:

  • Inspired by this NYTimes article, we ask: what present-day things will we cringe about in the future?
  • Did we swipe away our life partners too easily?
  • How many kids are going to grow up and despise their parents for documenting their entire childhood on social media?
  • Will we navigate more towards plant based diets?

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