Episode #8×30: Instagram, TikTok, and the War for Pop Culture Dominance (feat. Christine Riccio)

  • We’re joined by #Millennial’s social media manager, Chloé, and friend of the show Christine Riccio for a big discussion on social media!
  • Christine is a published author (check out her books Again, But Better and Better Together!)– but she’s also been creating content on YouTube, Instagram, and more for years.
  • This week’s show is dedicated to unpacking Instagram’s plight to compete with TikTok’s growing popularity.
  • If you’ve found yourself frustrated by the changes being made over on Instagram, you aren’t alone! Following a slew of backlash, the platform is promising to walk back some of the changes they’ve made to mimic TikTok.
  • Andrew and Pam’s minds are blown when they learn that you can actually hide all suggested posts on Instagram.
  • Andrew and Pam lament over how frustrating it is to see so many suggested posts on their feeds. Meanwhile, Christine and Chloé walk us through how these new changes end up hurting small creators.
  • We discuss the pressure creators feel to adapt to the ever-changing landscape of social media. Additionally, we ruminate over whether or not keeping up with the algorithm is sustainable longterm.
  • Christine opens up about the growing pressure authors are facing from publishers to self-promote their books across multiple platforms.  
  • This week’s recommendations: Cancelling a trial as soon as you start it so you don’t forget to cancel it later (Andrew); ‘A League of their Own’ on Amazon Prime Video (Pam); Palomino by Miranda Lambert (Chloé); ‘The Resort’ on Peacock (Christine).

And on this week’s installment of After Dark, available on Patreon:

  • Celebrities— including Taylor Swift— are getting slammed for their private jet carbon emissions.
  • Have we, as a society, reached a point where we’re tired of seeing celebs flex their wealth?
  • We discuss the correlation between how it’s cool to be environmentally conscious in 2022, and the downtrend in wealth flexing.
  • Celebrities face backlash for misstepping on social media all the time— but they’re not the only ones. We all share examples of times we’ve gotten called out for the things we’ve posted.

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