Episode #8×18: Abortion Rights and Religious Liberty, Speech Challenges From ‘Womb to Tomb’

  • This week, our social media manager Chloé joins us, and we GO OFF about the upcoming decision on Roe vs Wade from the Supreme Court.
  • What other ‘settled law’ could be next? The right to privacy and bodily autonomy is on the chopping block.
  • Chloé expands on how it feels like religious liberty is only valued in the US if you’re a white, cis male Christian.
  • As discussed in 7×22, a number of states have been lying in wait with trigger laws for the moment Roe vs. Wade is overturned.
  • Shifting gears, we are joined by listener of the show, Rex, who is a speech pathologist!
  • We chat about hearing and speech, pediatric feeding disorders, and stuttering, all of which Rex has professional experience working with.
  • Since 5% of school age children have an articulation disorder, how long does it take to address these issues through speech therapy?
  • For all the parents listening, Rex details some of the common signs you may want to consider finding a speech pathologist to work with your child.
  • What are some good gifts or toys to help improve communication with children?
  • To dispel a common myth: speech therapy is for anyone, and speech pathologists work with clients “womb to tomb!”
  • This week’s episode is sponsored by Talkspace (https://www.talkspace.com and use promo code mill for $100 off your first month). Also check out Swiping Up wherever you listen to podcasts!
  • This week’s recommendations are basic essentials to set you up for the warmer months! Sport bottle sunscreen flasks just in case you need to sneak your favorite beverage into the pool (Andrew), making sure to apply and reapply your sunscreen (Laura), and the Owala water bottle (Rex).

And in this week’s installment of After Dark, available on Patreon:

  • It’s a WTF News edition! Is Andrew hiding bodies in Lake Mead?
  • Why do coffee shops charge extra for non-dairy alternatives? Why do we have to glue ourselves to coffee shop counters to get an answer?
  • What’s the cringiest way you can imagine a large company marketing to millennials? Proctor & Gamble is doing it.
  • How does an ancient Roman Empire bust end up in Texas?

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