Episode #8×15: Hottest Gen Z Trends, Spam Texts Get Out of Control, Face Filters and Social Media

  • Our social media manager Chloé returns to #Millennial and she’s once again bringing the “fire” as millennials may say!
  • A Trump-appointed federal judge has struck down the public transportation mask mandate, and airlines were quick to allow everyone to go maskless. We react to the responses on both sides of the mask debate.
  • What are the current Gen Z trends that we older people need to be aware of? Chloé walks us through some new phrases and the specifics of the “Hot Girl Walk”.
  • What are the most millennial things each of the panelists do?
  • We turn the tables on Chloé and ask her some things most Gen Zers might not know
  • Spam calls and texts continue to come in more frequently than ever, it seems. What can you do to stop the spam calls and texts? Andrew wonders if he should get a new phone number entirely
  • Pam and Andrew both received a text from the same girl/bot, and one of them took the sexy convo further (Guess who)
  • Face filtering and touch ups are very popular thanks to Snapchat and the other social media apps, but are they a dangerous trend? We discuss what the apps could do to protect everyone’s mental health
  • Recommendations: Flashfood to help curb food waste (Andrew), FasTrak one-time payments (Pam), and Chloé re-ups a previous recommendation, Yellowstone because #HotCowboys.
  • This week’s episode is sponsored by Felix Gray (Use code BIRTHDAY15 for 15% off everything!) and Scrib’d (Go to try.scribd.com/millennial to get your first two months for just 99 cents)

And this week on After Dark, available exclusively on Patreon:

  • What are our rules for who we follow/unfollow, what we tweet, what we retweet, etc?
  • Is there such a thing as too much retweeting? And which of our friends did we disable retweets on because they overdo it??
  • Andrew and Pam enter social media therapy — what is their purpose on social media? Why are they so scared of tweeting? #IAmMyTweet
  • Chloé offers inspiring words for everyone who uses Twitter.

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