Episode #7×47: Why Movie Dialogue is Hard to Hear, Unusual Weather, Google’s 2021 Year in Search

  • Andrew is trying to trigger Laura early in the show by reminding her of election night 2016, which she is yet to emotionally process.
  • Our 2021 physical gift for BAE Patrons was delayed due to production and supply chain issues, but it’ll be out by January! Want this awesome water bottle? Head over to patreon.com/millennial and sign up at the $10 BAE level! BAE Patrons: Please fill out the form before December 31st!
  • There is apparently a reason why it feels like it’s hard to understand what characters in movies are saying these days, and it’s not because we’re geriatric millennials!
  • When will Hollywood make sound design a priority as they’ve done for visuals?
  • An unusual and deadly weather system hit parts of the central and south United States this weekend, leaving dozens dead and untold damage in its wake. How does this event relate to climate change?
  • We check in with listeners living in and around the affected areas, and hear from Laura what it’s like to ride out a tornado.
  • To learn more about disaster preparedness, head to ready.gov. If you’d like to help the victims of this deadly storm system, search charitynavigator.org to find organizations that are highly rated for their transparency and effectiveness.
  • Andrew has our 2021 Google trends report, and learns that he needs Pam to help him fill in some of the gaps in his TikTok knowledge.
  • “It’s a no bones day today.”
  • We’ve got some feel-good recommendations for you this week: Spiderman: No Way Home (Laura), Paper Mario on Nintendo Switch (Andrew), and Snag Tights (Pam).
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And in this week’s installment of After Dark, available on Patreon:
  • Inspired by a near-death experience (maybe a bit dramatic), Laura speaks about a moment when her life flashed before her eyes and all she could do was think “I just paid this car off!”
  • Andrew and Pam indulge us with their own near-death experiences, and Andrew has photo evidence for our Discord community!
  • Speaking of, do we care what happens to our social media profiles when we kick the bucket? Who do we trust to delete our nudes when the time comes?

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