Episode #7×45: America Gets Its First Female President, Does Anyone Enjoy Thanksgiving?, Holiday Travel Preview

  • We’ve got a lot on our minds in the lead up to Thanksgiving here in the states!
  • Kamala Harris became the first woman President in the United States for a whopping two hours while Joe had a camera up his ass. Yay?
  • Pam gives us her reviews of Adele’s ’30’ and Taylor Swift’s ‘Red (Taylor’s Version)’.
  • Heading home for the holidays? We’ve got your Thanksgiving survival guide, with recommendations of games, TV, movies, and last minute recipes to stave off all those awkward conversations with your weird uncle.
  • Andrew surprises us with some original Thanksgiving poetry, and we discuss whether we¬†actually¬†enjoy Thanksgiving? Isn’t everyone just ready for Christmas?
  • Speaking of the upcoming holiday, travel is expected to be kind of a disaster. Flight bookings are up 78% over 2020’s numbers, and with staffing shortages, long lines, and unruly passengers, some of y’all are gonna be in for a ride when you’re flying home.
  • Target has announced it will be permanently closing its stores on Thanksgiving moving forward – should other retailers do the same?
  • This week’s recommendations are looking towards December holidays: Don’t cheap out if gifting a home security camera to a loved one (Andrew), invest in smart plugs to make turning on your holiday lights easier (Pam), and Bath and Body Works’ buy 3 get 3 free sale on 3-wick candles to make your home smell magical (Laura).
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And in this week’s installment of After Dark, available on Patreon:

  • Andrew had to dip, so Pam and Laura are doing an intimate AMA. It’s one of our longest After Darks ever!
  • The ladies chat about overcoming patriarchal standards of womanhood, handling instances of casual and blatant sexism, and learning what they actually like versus what society conditions women to think is important.
  • Since Andrew isn’t here, Patrons want some tea spilled. Does Andrew have any annoying, bullshit behaviors? Is he the “boss” of #Millennial?

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