Episode #7×36: The Mysterious Case of the Van Life Couple, Abruptly Quitting Jobs, Fall-Themed Hard Seltzers Reviewed

  • On today’s episode we ask Judge Laura for her verdict on this case of the young Van Life couple who went missing, talk about when and how to leave a job as well as going back to the workplace right now, and review Bud Light’s new Fall Flannel hard seltzers. 
  • Micah is back!
  • We have so much secondhand embarrassment about the amount of time and money wasted in California’s recall election, we don’t have much to say except… can Californians recall recalls?
  • Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie embarked on a “van life” trip across America’s national parks. What should have been a romantic getaway ended in tragedy, and we’re left with questions. What happened, where is Brian Laundrie, and is this yet more evidence that everything on social media is fake? Plus, why was the answer likely ‘murder’ instead of ‘breakup’?
  • To quit or not to quit? A Confessional writer has an unpopular opinion about those who abruptly quit jobs with little to no notice.
  • Related to the Great Resignation happening across the U.S., we discuss the future of work and how employers have no choice but to make flexibility a central focus of their philosophy if they want to attract top talent.
  • Micah shares his experience returning back to an office a few times a week, and we can’t help but wonder why this is necessary for jobs that can be done remotely.
  • It’s official: the pumpkin craze has gone TOO FAR. Andrew and Laura compare Bud Light’s summer and fall seltzers and have… opinions.
  • This week’s recommendations are quite informative: DON’T buy Bud Light’s Fall Seltzers (Andrew), read this article about the future of work from Vox (Laura), and Ear Savers and Everyone’s a Reel Critic Pod (Micah).

And in this week’s installment of After Dark, available on Patreon:

  • Laura is putting her working relationship with her contractor to bed. This guy has some fucking nerve!
  • Our Patrons kindly share some tea they’d like to spill behind our paywall. Secretly gay grandfathers, engagement news, disappointing fathers, and shit talking ensue.
  • Some of us need to confront some people about their shitty selfish behavior!

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