Episode #7×14: YouTube’s ‘Dislike’ Debate, Andrew Needs a New Internet Handle, Pro Tips For Sketchy Venmo Payments

  • According to the CDC, all the wiping down of surfaces we’ve been doing for the last year may not have had much of an impact on the pandemic. But when Laura reminds everyone that feces is everywhere, the panel is down to keep it up.
  • Pam’s got some small town poultry drama.
  • YouTube is testing hiding the ‘dislike’ count on videos, prompting the question, “what does a dislike¬†actually¬†tell us?”
  • Andrew doesn’t want to get murdered for talking smack while gaming, so he asks for help in deciding on a new internet handle.
  • We’re half-way through ‘The Falcon and The Winter Soldier,’ and 2/3 of the panel is loving it, plus some spoiler-free talk.
  • Prince Philip passed away at the age of 99 last week, signaling the end of an era for the British Royal family. Also, people are using it as an excuse to blame Meghan Markle for yet another thing.
  • Representative Matt Gaetz of Florida is in hot water after some questionable venmo payments to young girls.
  • Keep an eye on this: multiple pieces of anti-trans legislation are on the table in 20 states. View a breakdown here.
  • We’re maybe a little… basic on recommendations this week? Try using ‘Amazon Day’ shipping to put less pressure on Amazon employees (Andrew), Aeropress (Pam), and Feisty Diet Coke (Laura).
  • This week’s episode is sponsored by Honey (https://www.joinhoney.com/MILL to join Honey for FREE). Support #Millennial by supporting our sponsors!

And in this week’s installment of After Dark:

  • Andrew has an update on a previous gripe he shared about some irresponsibility.
  • According to Forbes India, millennials are shunning credit cards. We’re three millennials who have credit cards, so we’re here to share our experiences and best tips!
  • What have we found to be the most effective strategies for managing our credit? What mistakes have we made?

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