Episode #7×03: Biden’s First Week, Laura Fights A Gas Station, GOT and HP Spinoffs Cometh

  • Welcome back, Micah! Last time you were on, the pandemic was bad. This time… it’s still really bad.
  • Biden week 1 scandals: wears a rolex, has a Peloton, didn’t wear a mask at a family-only event… when will the tan suit scandal hit?
  • PSA: Don’t feed your dog grain-free food. Andrew laments the parental advice that got him here, and recommends further reading from the American Kennel Club and DogFoodAdvisor.com to make sure your pup is on a healthy diet.
  • Laura and her neighbors are fighting a potential gas station development across the street, but Andrew thinks Laura would love a view of Chevron out her bedroom window.
  • Here we go again: House managers delivered an article of impeachment to the Senate, where the second impeachment trial of Donald Trump will happen in the next couple of weeks.
  • President Biden has been busy signing executive orders, including substantive protections for DACA recipients and reversing Trump’s transgender ban in the military.
  • Mitch, you’re in no position to strongarm anyone. An hour after we finished recording this episode, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer gave us exactly the kind of response we wanted to see to McConnell’s continued demands to protect the filibuster.
  • Laura’s Rage of the Week: Africa may not receive widespread COVID vaccinations until 2022 or later.
  • Misinformation about election fraud has reportedly dropped 73% on Twitter since Trump was banned. What other avenues do we foresee the orange menace pursuing to keep his brand alive?
  • With a slew of movies being delayed again, we wonder if we’ll ever feel comfortable sitting in a movie theater again.
  • Micah fills us in on the upcoming Game of Thrones spinoff series, Tales of Dunk & Egg.
  • A Harry Potter series is reportedly in the early stages of development at HBO Max. We’d love to be excited, but can’t ignore the bigoted elephant in the room. #JKR
  • It’s all entertainment recommendations this week: Rocket League (Andrew), The Forest (Laura), and ‘Ripper Street’ (Micah).
  • This week’s episode is sponsored by LoveBook (https://www.lovebookonline.com/MILL for 20% off). Support #Millennial by supporting our sponsors!

And in this week’s installment of After Dark, available on Patreon:

  • MuggleSuck AMA, Micah edition. It’s our first time getting Micah’s perspective on the early days of working on a prominent fansite, and the tea is hot.
  • How did we handle working for a business where the adults in power didn’t have our best interests in mind?
  • Andrew reveals new information that has Laura and Micah wide-eyed.

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