Episode #6×18: Michelle Obama’s ‘Becoming’ Doc, Adele Weight Loss Reaction, Do You Know The Hosts?

In the time of COVID-19, life keeps happening. #Millennial is here to make sure you’ve got our take on the latest!

  • Andrew’s 80-year-old grandmother is getting her first smartphone, Michelle Obama gave us all the feels in Netflix’s “Becoming,” and what we think of stupid people who refuse to wear masks.
  • Listener feedback gives us a perspective on what the new normal for open office layouts may be, and a confession about a listener dreaming of being in a thruple with Andrew and Pat.
  • Adele made headlines when she posted a full-body picture on Instagram, which made it very clear she has lost weight. The internet is divided over whether to celebrate Adele’s “hot new bod” or to re-think the way we acknowledge body transformations.
  • We get personal and share stories of people commenting on our bodies, and the longterm impact of those comments.
  • While Laura is free to go bowling and get her nails did (she isn’t), looks like Andrew will be sheltering in place for a while longer due to Illinois not lifting its stay-at-home order.
  • Georgia continues to be the shame of the nation: why the murder of Ahmaud Arbery is just not getting attention, and why we’re not convinced a grand jury will deliver justice.
  • We welcome BAE Supporter, Tiara to the show! She uses her background in cybersecurity to educate us about how to keep our banking information safe, and she tests her #Millennial knowledge with a new quiz.
  • One of the hosts has sex toys, two of the hosts have none. Guess who!
  • This week’s recommendations will give you some stay-home motivation: Taking advantage of quarantine meal kits provided by local restaurants (Andrew), Electric spin scrub brushes for all your grout-cleaning needs (Laura), Target drive-up service (Pam), and Hulu’s “Nashville” (Tiara).

And in this week’s installment of After Dark, available on Patreon:

  • Many of us are getting it up during quarantine, which has caused an erection of sex toy sales.
  • Laura gives an update on her latest home water damage saga. Her takeaways: asbestos is a bitch, don’t back down on liable parties, and she and Marc won’t be able to move home for quite a while.
  • Tiara prompts an interesting discussion by asking how it feels to move back in with your parents.
  • Moving back in with parents in early twenties vs early thirties – GAME CHANGER!

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