Episode #5×28: Wedding Woes, K-Pop Creates A Category, Digital Versus Physical

  • Fresh off her Upper Left vacation, Pam offers some Portland tips for coffee and book lovers.
  • Andrew and Pat go to a wedding with a few surprises, leading us to wonder: Why do our parents make non-married couples sleep separately, why do people get married so quick, and why would someone walk down the aisle to ‘Shallow’?
  • In the news: K-Pop gets its own category at the MTV VMAs, causing an uprising amongst BTS fans and reminding us about the time Harry Potter caused The New York Times to launch a Children’s Bestseller list.
  • Two states recently started adding Mental Health Days at schools. Is it the start of a trend? Plus, we share why people should take their own Mental Health Days instead of just vacation days.
  • Major meme accounts on Instagram have been shut down for mystery reasons. It leads us to a discussion on our own habits on Insta.
  • Is there a bigger honor than being included on someone’s Close Friends list?
  • It’s the end of an era for digital movies: UltraViolet is shutting down today, July 31. We discuss our relationship with digital versus physical books, movies, and music.
  • In a lighter edition of The Confessional, one listener got stung where the sun don’t shine (leading Andrew to share an embarrassing story of his own), and another had a rare experience with family.
  • Recommendations: Spotify’s ‘Dissect’ podcast, Lizzo’s Tiny Desk Concert, and Apple AirPods
  • Thank you to this week’s sponsors: FabFitFun (Enter coupon code MILL for $10 off your first box), new sponsor Paint Your Life (get your first hand-painted work of art for 30% off and free shipping by texting MILL to 48-48-48!), and TalkSpace (Use code MILL for $65 off your first month)! Support #Millennial by supporting our sponsors!
  • This week in After Dark, the panel discuss these nonsense opinions about theme parks only being for kids. Who are theme parks really built for, especially these days? And what even is so great about bringing a child to a theme park? It’s expensive, and the kid will probably throw a tantrum or two
  • It evolves into a conversation about judging others. If something safe brings people joy, why should you poo poo that? 

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