Episode #5×15: Marijuana Tips and Tricks, Streaming Wars Heat Up

  • File your taxes and hand over your cash to Uncle Sam – #Millennial is here to help ease your tax woes!
  • This episode was recorded as coverage of the Notre Dame Cathedral was active. Since recording, we’ve learned that the damage, while horrifying, was not as bad as it could have been.
  • Keep an eye out for a BREAKING NEWS segment coming soon for $10 Patrons with coverage of the redacted Mueller Report.
  • Are you not entertained?! Disney+ rolling out for $6.99/month, Star Wars Celebration, and Netflix makes kind of a weird flex.
  • We’d be remiss if we didn’t cover the season 8 premiere of Game of Thrones. #TeamGendrya #Icybois4lyfe
  • Pat’s GMO discussion from last week brings up some strong listener feedback, and we get a small correction on gluten intolerances (our bad).
  • Listener and Patron Sara joins us this week, and her chosen discussion topic is cannabis, maaaaaan.
  • Sara is a strong believer in cannabis, and uses it frequently. How does this help her? Will she get down in the weeds (heh heh) with her kids when they’re older?
  • The panel shares some of their favorite (and least-favorite) marijuana experiences. Sara explains why Andrew should definitely smoke Indicas and NOT Sativas.

And in this week’s installment of After Dark (Beginning at 1:22:40):

  • ‘Andrew Sims and the Loud Ass Pipes from Hell’ update.
  • The US is facing a potential measles outbreak because of… you guessed it… increasing levels of non-vaccinated idiots.
  • Are we at a point where religious exemptions from vaccines should no longer be allowed?
  • Should the US require that international travelers be vaccinated against the “big bads” like MMR and Polio?
  • This branches into a discussion on old wives’ tales, and Andrew is shook to learn that a long-held belief is actually false.

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