Episode #5×13: Tesla Drives Us, Russia Launches New Meddling Tactics

Millennial is here! We may not know a lot, but we do know there is only one country called “Mexico.”

  • Andrew and Pat spent their weekend with self-driving cars and flying elephants after being underwhelmed by Apple’s latest product announcements.
  • “YOU get an Oprah and YOU get an Oprah. EVERYBODY GETS AN OPRAHHH!”
  • We’ll have the redacted version of the Mueller Report by mid-April. ~No pee pee in this report!~
  • Joe Biden’s touching problem: when does grandfatherly affection cross the line? LPT: Don’t touch people you don’t know.
  • In this week’s Mailbag, teachers and students sound off: it turns out shooting people with pellets during active shooter training isn’t just an Indiana thing.
  • Because it’s April Fools’ Day, we give credit where credit is due to Trump on banning bump stocks. (Now if only he’d ban himself.)
  • The AP Stylebook has been updated to give journalists a YUGE TL;DR: If it’s racist, just call it racist.
  • The Russian government continues to experiment with election tampering in Ukraine this week by (we’re not kidding) buying people’s personal Facebook accounts to spread misinformation. The panel discusses what offer we’d be willing to accept for our social accounts.
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And in this week’s installment of After Dark:

  • Music creators and lyricists are feeling the burn of plagiarism accusations – we listen to a couple of tracks and their alleged inspirations to weigh in.
  • Where is the difference between inspiration and plagiarism?
  • Wait, artists can sample from each other if they want to lift a beat for their own work?
  • Are there really any “new” ideas, beats, or sounds?

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