Episode #5×09: Now Boarding

Need a break from the Michael Cohens of the world? Look no further than the newest episode of #Millennial.

  • We’re joined this week by official airline correspondent James, who’s here to make sure we sit back, relax, and enjoy the flight.
  • Andrew 2020: A voice the HOA can depend on (to make allowances for Brooklyn to pee in the garden).
  • Listener feedback features someone who was shook by a recent confessional, as well as the victim of a recent ghosting event. RIP.
  • James answers every question Andrew’s always had about flying, such as why the pilot doesn’t hurry back to the cockpit after a potty break.
  • Old man yells at cloud: Spielberg is trying to prevent streaming services like Netflix from submitting their films for consideration at the Oscars. Get with the times, old man!
  • Laura puts the President and Board of Trustees of her undergraduate institution, McDaniel College, on blast for voting to suspend majors in the arts and humanities.
  • This episode is sponsored by OpenFit (text MIL to 303030 for an extended 30-day free trial membership), Rothy’s (enter code MILL for free shipping with no minimum purchase), and Policy Genius. Support #Millennial by supporting our sponsors!

And in this week’s installment of After Dark:

  • Rotten Tomatoes has finally realized that allowing consumers to tank a movie’s score prior to its release plays into internal societal biases against women and people of color. Who knew?!
  • This comes shortly before the release of Captain Marvel, which was also trashed on Rotten Tomatoes, since its lead actor possesses a vagina. Of course.
  • In a world full of Spielbergs, be a Brie Larson.

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