Episode #5×07: And The Worst Oscars Goes To…

  • The government lives to fight another day, as does #Millennial.
  • Andrew’s HOA is too involved, Laura’s isn’t involved enough, and Pam has become a personal chef! (For her dog)
  • “Uncle Joe, don’t run,” we imagine President Obama casually mentioning on his most recent brodate with Joe Biden. (Note: This episode was recorded before Bernie’s announcement)
  • The Confessional makes a return with an unsettling childhood memory and an equally unsettling Valentine’s Day gift.
  • What has Kevin Hart, a Best Popular Film category, and Laura’s viewership? Not this year’s Oscars!
  • That said, 2018 was a good year for women in film… unless you’re Marvel, which is just now releasing its first female-led blockbuster. Womp womp.
  • According to a survey conducted by Yale and George Mason Universities, most Americans believe in climate change, but don’t feel the emotional urgency they ~perhaps~ ABSOLUTELY should.
  • After several failed attempts (seriously, answer your phones people!) we reach Baila and her husband, who reveal they have a mixed-political marriage.
  • This week’s episode is sponsored by Joybird (https://www.joybird.com/millennial for 25% off your first order using code MILLENNIAL), Zola (https://www.zola.com/mill for a free wedding website and $50 off a Zola registry), and BioClarity (https://www.bioclarity.com and enter code MIL for a free clarifying masque with the purchase of a skincare routine). Support #Millennial by supporting our sponsors!

And in this week’s installment of After Dark:

  • In light of some of the questionable details surrounding the reported hate crime perpetrated against Empire star Jussie Smollett, Pam fills us in on a case of a false hate crime accusation from her hometown.
  • Our jury may still be out on the Smollett case, but we cover the litany of ways in which false accusations set social movements back and scar communities.
  • The Number: THIS MANY people are three months or more behind on their car payments, a new record.
  • Could we see ourselves starting GoFundMe’s during a period of financial hardship?

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