Episode #5×05: Something From A Nut

  • Happy Black History Month! Stop asking for a White History Month.
  • Pat is back this week, fresh off a urination tour around the Grand Canyon.
  • Andrew and Pat definitely “don’t wanna be friendssss” with their seat neighbor at Gaga’s Vegas residency show.
  • Listener Feedback: Fabi’s family is from Venezuela, and she’s a Democrat who… agrees with Trump’s support of opposition leader Juan Guaido.
  • You know the Super Bowl is boring AF when the main takeaway is the infamous, mysterious viral egg.
  • This ain’t a scene, it’s a goddamn arms race when Cold War-era treaties are suspended.
  • If your dick pic game left something to be desired in the past, you’re in luck:
  • Facebook messenger will now allow you to delete old embarrassing private messages. But also no one wants to see your dick.
  • Should Virginia Governor Ralph Northam resign amidst a racist yearbook photo discovery?
  • This week’s episode is sponsored by Openfit (text MIL to 30-30-30 for a special extended 30-day free trial), Away (visit awaytravel.com/mill and use promo code mill during checkout for $20 off a suitcase), and Rothy’s (rothys.com and enter promo code mill for free shipping with no minimum purchase). Support #Millennial by supporting our sponsors!

And in this week’s Installment of After Dark (beginning at 1:18:14):

  • We tune into the State of the Union speech momentarily and offer some commentary on the Orange Menace’s butchering of the English language and American Democracy.
  • Speaking of Mike Pence, let’s talk about our cultural obsession with serial killers!
  • We dive into why serial killers haunt our communities and pique our interests.
  • Andrew shocks the panel with a revelation about how his life was touched by a real-life killer.

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