Episode #5×01: Bubble Butt

  • We’re back for SEASON 5! (Sorry Andrew.)
  • We recount our NYE experiences: little brothers, poopy plungers, and dogs shoving things into toilets. It gets weird.
  • Announcing our new Patreon 2019 benefits: Face to Face hangouts, BREAKING NEWS, LANDY becomes one big show, and $5+ Patrons to get Mega Millennial episodes. Learn more here!
  • AP Choice: Andrew and Pat relationship edition. $10 Patrons get to ask our favorite couple anything!
  • New Year, New Laws! Florida restores voting rights for former felons, hard liquor sales are banned on Sundays in Mississippi, and new gender options are available on CA and NY driver’s licenses. Which of these is the lie?
  • What does 2019 hold in store for President Trump? The hosts make predictions about whether the President will resign, be impeached, or remain untouched by the Mueller investigation.
  • Ellen DeGeneres REALLY wants Kevin Hart to host the Oscars. Has Hart redeemed himself sufficiently to deserve the hosting opportunity and Ellen’s allyship?
  • Bubble butt bubble bubble bubble butt.
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And in this first 2019 installment of After Dark, available on Patreon:

  • Someone is understandably trying to kick some of her student loan debt, but Laura has some concerns about the method employed to do so.
  • In shocking news to no one, R.Kelly is a creep and needs to be shunned by society and the music business.
  • This brings us to a discussion about the all-too-common trend in Hollywood of young girls being groomed by much older, successful men. Is the music world preparing for its own #timesup moment?

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